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Pastorialists and Environment : Experiences from the Greater Horn of Africa

Pastorialists and Environment : Experiences from the Greater Horn of Africa

Author: OSSREA
Year: 2000
Table Of Contents:

East African Pastoralism and Underdevelopment: An Introduction by Leif Manger

Institutional Erosion in the Drylands: The Case of the Borana Pastoralists by Johan Helland

Changing Patterns of Resource Control among the Borana Pastoralists of Southern Ethiopia: A Lesson for Development Agencies by Boku Tache

Problems of Sustainable Resource Use among Pastoralist Societies: The Influence of State Intervention on the Pastoral Life of the Karrayyu by Assefa Tolera

Effecting Development: Reflections on the Transformation of Agro-Pastoral Production Systems in Eastern Sudan by Salah Shazali

Dryland Pastoralism among the Northern Bisharien of the Red Sea Hills, Sudan by Omer A. Egemi

The Struggle for Land Rights and the 1990 Squatter Uprisings in the Former Government Ranching Schemes of Uganda by Frank Emmanuel Muhereza

Challenging Encounters: Datoga Lives in Independent Tanzania by Astrid Blystad

Oral Traditions and Past Human Uses of Natural Resources: The Case of Iraqw'ar Da/aw, North-Central Tanzania by Yusufu Q. Lawi

Emissaries for Peace, Envoys for Management: external Relations and Drylands Management in the Zaghawa by Sharif Harir

Ethnicity and Scale by Frode Storaas

Dryland Soil Classification: Some Implications of Two Knowledge Systems by Mustafa Babiker

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