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Managing Scarcity : HumanAdaptation in east African Drylands

Managing Scarcity : HumanAdaptation in east African Drylands

Author: OSSREA
Year: 1995
Table Of Contents:


Human Adaptation in East African Drylands:The Dilemma of Concepts and Approaches

From Adaptation to Marginalization:The Political Ecology of Subsistence Crisis Among the Hadendawa Pastoralists of Eastern Sudan

External Pressures on Indigenous Resource Management Systems: A Case from the Red Sea Area, Eastern Sudan

Agriculture and Pastoralism in Karamoja: Competing or Complementary Forms of Resource Use?

Management of Aridity:Water Conservation and Procurement in Dar Hamar, Western Sudan

Subsistence Economy, Environmental Awareness and Resource Management in Um Kaddada Province, Northern Darfur State

Economic Strategies of Diversification Among the Sedentary 'afar of Wahdes, North Eastern Ethiopia

Management of Scarce Resources: Dryland Pastoralism Among the Zaghawa of Chad and the Crisis of the Eighties

Resource Management in the Eritrean Drylands: Case Studies From the Central Highlands and the Eastern Lowlands

Survival Strategies in the Ethiopian Drylands: The Case of the Afar Pastoralists of the Awash Valley

State Policy and Pastoral Production Systems: The Integrated Land Use Plan of Rawashda Forest, Eastern Sudan

The Importance of Forest Resource Management in Eastern Sudan: The Case of El Rawashda and Wad Kabo Forest Reserves

Land Tenure and Pastoral Planning in the Red Sea Hills

Range Management in the Sudan: An Overview of the Role of the State

What If the Pastoralists Chose Not to be Pastoralists? The Pursuit of Education and Settled Life by the Hadendawa of the

Property and Social Relations in Turkana, Kenya

"Do Give Us Children": The Problem of Fertility Among the Pastoral Barbayiig of Tanzania

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