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Pastoralists and Environment: Experiences from the Greater Horn of Africa. Proceedings of the regional workshops on African Drylands, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Pastoralists and Environment: Experiences from the Greater Horn of Africa. Proceedings of the regional workshops on African Drylands, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Author: Leif Manger and Abdel Ghaffar M. Ahmed
Year: 2000
Table Of Contents:     *  List of Tables and Figures
    * Preface
    * East African Pastoralism and Underdevelopment: An Introduction



      Institutional Erosion in the Drylands: The Case of the Borana Pastoralists



      Changing Patterns of Resource Control among the Borana Pastoralists of Southern Ethiopia: A Lesson for Development Agencies



      Problems of Sustainable Resource Use Among pastoralist Societies: The Influence of State Intervention on the Pastoral Life of the Karrayyu



      Effecting Development: Reflections on the Transformation of Agro- pastoral Production Systems in Eastern Sudan

        Salah Shazali


      Dryland Pastoralism among the Northern Bisharien of the Red Sea Hills, Sudan

        OmerA. Egemi


      The Struggle for Land Rights and the 1990 Squatter Uprisings in the former government ranching Schemes of Uganda

        Frank Emmanuel Muhereza


      Challenging Encounters: Datoga Lives in Independent Tanzania

        Astrid Blystad


      Oral Traditions and Past Human Uses of Natural Resources: The Case of Iraqw’ar Da/aw, North-Central Tanzania

          Yusufe Q. Lawi


      Emissaries for Peace, Envoys for management: External Relations and Drylands Management in the Zaghawa

        Sharif Harir


      Ethnicity and Scale

        Frode Storaas


      Dryland Soil Classification: Some Implications of two Knowledge Systems

        Mustafa Babiker

Compilation of papers for a workshop held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Jinja, Uganda on issues facing pastoral and agro-pastoral societies. The contributors discuss pastoral societies in the sub-region and question the long-term viability of such communities in the context of various development efforts. The book states that the predicament of the East African pastoralists is not dependent solely on the state of the range on which they live, and on the quality of their animals, but rather on a series of dynamics that reaches far beyond the limits of the pastoral communities themselves. But at the same time, local factors, range and animals alike, make up important premises for the continuation of pastoralism as a particular mode of various interrelationships between the local factors and various types of external factors that together shape the contemporary reality of East African pastoralists.

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