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In line with its objective of promoting study and research in the social sciences, and to facilitate exchange and dissemination of research findings, OSSREA launched the project of compiling the abstracts of M.A. theses and Ph.D. dissertations of the various universities of the region in 1989. The first such compilation came out in 1989 and contained abstracts of theses and dissertations submitted to universities in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia from 1986-1987. The second volume, which appeared in 1990, was limited to only three countries in its coverage mainly because of the lack of active cooperation from the other universities. This led to the stoppage of the publication of the compilations in the subsequent years and OSSREA hence turned its attention to compiling and publishing the abstracts of research reports by winners of OSSREA's research competitions. Two volumes of abstract compilations, one covering research reports submitted from 1989-1992 and the other from 1993-1995, were published in 1993 and 1996, respectively. Abstracts of subsequent research reports have not yet been published. 

In 2000, OSSREA took a new direction by compiling in one volume abstracts of the OSSREA publications produced up to the end of 1999, including those of the published research reports. Not only this, OSSREA also published a cumulative bibliography OF all the publications of the Organisation produced up to April 2000.

OSSREA's Cumulative Bibliography provides a clear picture of the range of OSSREA's publication activities since 1980. It can serve interested researchers as a convenient reference tool that facilitates easy access to a rich diversity of scholarly outputs dealing with social, economic, political and environmental issues related to the region.

Social Science Abstracts (189/- )

Gender Abstracts (177/- )

Abstracts of OSSREA publications, Vol. I 1980. - 1999 (-/- )

Specification and Estimation of a Macro Econometric Model of Botswana

Author: Xavier Mhozya
Publisher: Not Published

Privatization of Public Enterprises in the Less Developed Countries: Empirical Investigation of the Efficiency of the Sudanese Public and Private Enterprises in the Sugar and Textile Industries

Author: E. A. Musa
Publisher: Not Published

An Investigation into the Cross-Cultural Validity of Life-Event Studies

Author: D. H. Balmer
Publisher: Not Published

The Impact of Land Tenure Systems on Land Degradation: A Swaziland Case Study

Author: Hezekiel M. Mushala
Publisher: Not Published

The Subterranean Economy in Tanzania Its Structure and Annual Aggregates: Mid -1970s to Mid -1980s

Author: Fidelis P. Mtatifikolo
Publisher: Not Published

Technology Transfer through Technical Cooperation: The Case of Tanzania

Author: Severine M. Rugumamu
Publisher: Not Published

Factors Influencing the Adoption of Smallholder Irrigation Technology: A Case Study of Shamva District, Zimbabwe

Author: Dick Ranga and Rodger Rebel
Publisher: Not Published

The Role of Regional Organizations in Conflict Resolution: Case Study of Sub-Regional Approach: IGAD Peace Initiative of Somalia: The Transformation of Warlords in to Peace Lords

Author: Abdirashid Mohamed Ibrahim
Publisher: Not Published

The Impacts of the Economic Reform Programme (ERP) on Local Level Rural Institutions in Zimbabwe: Case Studies of Nyanga and Gwanda Districts

Author: Krasposy Kujinga
Year: 2001
Publisher: Not Published

An Assessment of the Impact of Villagers

Author: Raphael M. Wambura
Year: 1995
Publisher: Not Published
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