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  • pro-iBiosphere Final event
    Event date: 2014-06-10 The pro-iBiosphere Final series of events on the thematic “making fundamental biodiversity data digital, open and re-usable” will be organized in Brussels (Meise) on June 10-12.
    Quality validation date: 2014-04-18

  • Monica Di Luca – Parkinson’s treatment revisited to avoid adverse effects
    Parkinson’s disease modifies a crucial circuit of the central nervous system in a specific way. This could open up an alternative therapeutic approach that avoids side effects of current therapies.
    Quality validation date: 2014-04-18

  • Common links between neurodegenerative diseases identified
    The pattern of brain alterations may be similar in several different neurodegenerative diseases, which opens the door to alternative therapeutic strategies to tackle these diseases
    Quality validation date: 2014-04-18

  • FP7-EU Project ITACA organises End Users Workshop
    Event date: 2014-03-27 ITACA project aims at recognizing, monitoring and managing underwater archaeological sites in coastal area using remote sensing data. End Users from different Countries, among which archaeologists, decision makers and researchers, have discussed how to benefit from ITACA innovative application.
    Quality validation date: 2014-04-18

  • The importance of technological demonstration examples in industrial environments
    Fredy Velez is a PhD a researcher at the Energy Division of Cartif, in Spain. We asked him a couple of questions on the technological focus of the REEMAIN project and why integrating technologies matters to make manufacturing more efficient.
    Quality validation date: 2014-04-17

  • WORKSHOP: Horizon 2020 - Developing Winning Proposals
    Event date: 2014-07-22 Workshop Date: 22 July 2014 Workshop Location: Cambridge, UK Workshop Organisers: Singleimage Limited
    Quality validation date: 2014-04-17

  • WEFTA 2014 international meeting focuses on new demands for fish and aquaculture products
    Event date: 2014-06-09 The main goal of the next international meeting of the West European Fish Technologists Association (WEFTA) is to find innovative solutions to comply with the new social demands regarding sea products.
    Quality validation date: 2014-04-17

  • International Create Challenge ( ICC'2014) in Martigny, Switzerland
    Event date: 2014-08-26 Turn your idea into a start-up! Special focus on technology related to the FP7 project inEvent, The ICC’2014 is a free of charge 3-week immersive technology transfer accelerator program giving entrepreneurs the unique opportunity to develop their original idea towards a “Minimum Viable Product’’ (e.g, prototype) in collaboration with groups of entrepreneurs and researchers.
    Quality validation date: 2014-04-17

  • FET-ART Final Event – ICT & Art Connect so far: elements to orient the future
    Event date: 2014-05-11 ICT & Art Connect sets out to bring together artists and technologists to explore new ways of working. Collaborative acts of co-creation, together with an open and multidisciplinary discussion will foster the blending of Art and Technology.
    Quality validation date: 2014-04-17

  • Neiker-Tecnalia establishes the presence in Alava of the two mating types of the fungus that causes potato blight
    Scientists at the Basque Institute for Agricultural Research and Development, Neiker-Tecnalia, led by the Doctor in Biology José Ignacio Ruiz de Galarreta, have for the first time identified the existence in Álava-Araba of the two sexual types A1 and A2 of the fungus Phytophthora infestans, responsible for potato blight.
    Quality validation date: 2014-04-17


Expert meeting on implementing research and innovation policy at policy and institutional levels in Africa
19-20 September 2013
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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