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New Projects/Programme

Since its establishment in the 1980s, OSSREA has been promoting its intellectual agenda through conducting research in various areas of social sciences. As part of its five year strategic plan – 2010 – 2014, OSSREA has now developed research themes that are grouped under five research clusters and focus on theoretical, methodological and policy alternatives. The themes are based on the vision of OSSREA and will be pursued within the framework of OSSREA’s main objectives:  generating and disseminating of knowledge in social sciences; as well as promoting dialogue and interaction between social scientists and policy makers in Eastern and Southern Africa with a view of enhancing the impact of social science research on policy making and development planning.

The identified research themes are centred on various development and governance issues that need the attention of policy-makers and scholars in Eastern and Southern Africa. The issues, inter alia, include poverty, employment, migration, HIV/AIDs, health, education, natural resources, climate change, gender, governance, rural development, corruption, land use, etc.  Around each of these research themes, OSSREA will encourage comparative research within the countries in the region (south-south) and outside the region (north-south) to unearth ‘what works best or bad’, ‘how’ and ‘why’. It will also support innovative methodologies that allows prudent and scientific collection, analysis and interpretation of empirical data; promote theoretical and conceptual reflections that blends thinking of African intellectuals and other scholars in the rest of the world; and press on discovering policy alternatives  to address development and governance deficits in the region.  

In the process of knowledge creation and dissemination, OSSREA will follow a combination of research modalities. These include a) commissioning young and/or senior researchers in African higher education and research institutions to conduct researches, either in group or independently. B) creating network and partnership with universities and research institution outside Africa, especially in the global south, to create north-south research teams c) work with research institutions or planning and research bodies of government institutions to link research and policy; and d) perform collaborative research  with non-government and private sector institutions. OSSREA will disseminate the research results in workshops and other fora involving researchers, technical executives in government and political executives (policy makers). Moreover, research reports, policy briefs, which entail advocacy for policy reforms, as well as scientific publications that will be developed and widely disseminated.

The following are the research clusters and themes.

Fragile States project PDF Print E-mail
New Projects/Programme

This is a collaborative research project, conceived to be conducted by African social scientists selected from member countries of the Organization for Social Science Research in Eastern and Southern Africa (OSSREA).  It aims at increasing our knowledge on the issue of how states, systematically become fragile and what factors disable them from regaining stability even after peace and reconstruction processes are put in place. The project will focus on how to create conditions that reduce fragility and increase stability. Issues relating to the recurrence of conflict in fragile states as well as short term and long term strategies for stabilizing fragile states will be addressed in the research studies and capacity development programs for post-conflict governance systems and early warning systems, will be developed in collaboration with the Institute for Peace and Security based at the University of Addis Ababa. OSSREA will support the coordination of the research and policy dialogue components.

Youth unemployment project PDF Print E-mail
New Projects/Programme

This project, which is a collaborative research to be carried out by African experts in the field, has the objective of examining the challenges of youth unemployment in national development and stability in Africa as well as the policies and strategies aimed to address it. It will investigate thoroughly the link between youth unemployment and youth adolescent problems, including rates of drug abuse, irresponsible sexual behavior, child prostitution, trafficking and use of children by adults in criminal activity, child recruitment into clandestine, overt, combat and other activities. Focusing on strategies and policies considered by African countries to address the challenge of youth unemployment, the project will assess the effectiveness of employment creation strategies; examine the vocational education system and their contribution to enhance capacity of youth employment, review the policy framework and strategies for improving conditions for self employment and decent work. The knowledge generated will be used to make African countries learn from each other on the ways and means of handing youth unemployment problem.

Migration Project PDF Print E-mail
New Projects/Programme

This is a collaborative research project to be conducted by African social scientists, especially from member countries of OSSREA. It aims to generate knowledge on the characteristics, patterns, prospects and consequences of migration within the African region as well as migration out of Africa, which will be used as inputs into national and regional migration policies. The project will probe into various pertinent issues of migration, including the causes and consequences of intra-African migration, the Diaspora in the economic and political dynamics of Africa; remittance and the welfare system of the African economies; return migration; channeling migrant capital into African investment; glitches of migration (brain drain, anti-social behavior and human right abuses); migration policies within and across regional blocks, etc.

Integrating Gender issues in Multidisciplinary Research in Africa PDF Print E-mail
New Projects/Programme

There has been a gradual improvement in the emergence and incorporation of gender programs in some universities in the region. Well-established research departments, networks and documentation centres on gender studies have been created and are functioning in some universities. Consequently, we can audaciously state that several researches on gender issues have been conducted and thus gender has started to receive due attention in most countries in the continent.


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