This research project is ubder the Gender in Political and Economic Arenas ckuster and is intended to examine, inter alia, gender and economic empowerment and pro-poor growth strategies, policies and programmes; gender equity and equality and national resources management; constitutional and legal frameworks and their impact on gender power relations, equity and equality; gender equity, equality and national resources management; structures of gender inequity and inequality in arenas of production – farms, firms, factories, forests etc.; gender aspects of birth, life, health and death; and gender issues in social services delivery especially in health, education, energy and environmental management.

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this research project is under the Gender in Political and Economic Arenas clsuter and will include case studies from sub-Saharan African countries on the gender-energy nexus. Researchers were invited to write case studies on any one of the countries of Eastern and Southern Africa with a focus on the following objectives of the book project and related issues. To examine the gender difference in energy service demands and access to various energy sources as well as to document the physical, mental and health burdens on women, men and children caused due to the lack of energy services; To study in how far new and existing alternative sources of energy are presented to and accessed by local population in a gender equitable manner; To study the successes and challenges of government, non-government and private organizations interventions (policies, programs, and projects) related to introducing new energy sources and enhancing energy access for both men and women; To analyze the implications of international agreements, MDGs and poverty reduction programs on addressing women and men access to affordable and cleaner energy sources and technologies; To discuss the role of gender in the development of energy policies, projects and programs and evaluate the degree of mainstreaming gender into energy policies; and To examine the gender, poverty and energy nexus in rural and urban settings.

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This research project is under the Social Policy and Social Development Cluster and has the objective of examining a) the quality of life of patients under ARV treatment, especially women and children; challenges of adherence to ARVs; impact of ARV treatment on HIV and AIDS prevention and awareness creation; social support systems to PLWA in ARV treatment; role of gender, age, class, and ethnicity in determining patients’ access to ARVs; effectiveness of policies and programs to ensure equitable and non-discriminatory access to ARV; b) reasons behind the low rate of uptake of PMTCT (preventing mother-to-child transmission); the impact of HIV and AIDS centred programmes on local health systems in sub-Saharan Africa; the role of complementary and alternative medicine or informal health providers, including traditional and faith-based healers, in influencing patients’ decisions to receive and adhere to or refrain from ARVs; and c) supportive role of community-based organizations, NGOs, and the private sector, as well as government budgetary allocations, support programmes (e.g. Safety Net) for increasing access to patients, and roles of international, continental and regional organizations in sub-Saharan Africa in ensuring sustained ARV treatments.

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This research project is under the Social Policy and Social Development Cluster and aims interalia, at (a) assessing the justifications, degree of effectiveness, strengths and weaknesses; challenges and opportunities of existing higher education funding strategies, policies, and programs; (b) analysing the external and internal efficiency of public spending on higher education using selected case studies of IHEs; (c) examining the role and contribution of donors and local communities in funding higher education including conditionalities and approaches of funding; (d) assessing the modalities of the link between businesses and HEIs, the actual and potential effectiveness of the link as well as the role and contribution of the private sector in funding higher education.

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