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The HIV/AIDS Challenge in Africa
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Ongoing Projects

OSSREA is offering research grants for the HIV/AIDS Challenge in Africa Project focusing on various countries in Eastern and southern Africa.


The project aims to enhance the awareness of policymakers regarding the macro-economic effects of HIV/AIDS and provide them with policy options for addressing and mitigating the adverse impacts of HIV/AIDS. It has the following specific objectives:

  • To assess how HIV/AIDS affects agriculture, health and education sectors based on comparative regional and country case studies by taking into account sector and regional variations;
  • To evaluate how well the HIV/AIDS epidemic is taken into account in poverty reduction strategies based on comparative regional and country case studies;
  • To study the condition of HIV/AIDS orphans in relation to forced migration, interruption of education, insufficient emotional care, inadequate nutrition, shelter and clothing, and lack of legal protection of orphans’ property, based on comparative regional and country case studies;
  • To study the relationship between gender and HIV/AIDS with reference to power imbalance and women’s rights;
  • To study the status of AIDS victims with reference to coping strategies and social support based on comparative regional and country case studies; and
  • Based on the research findings, to provide policy-makers and development practitioners with options for tackling the various socio-cultural and economic problems emanating from the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Committed to its conviction of maintaining the teaching and research capacity in Africa, the Organisation for Social Science Research in Eastern and Southern Africa (OSSREA) is offering Post-Doctoral Fellowship Grants to successful applicants based in Eastern or Southern Africa. Proposals may be submitted by researchers from any of the disciplines in the social sciences involving applied social and economic analysis of contemporary development issues.


  • Research assessing the economic, social, and gender impacts of HIV/AIDS in Africa
  • Examining response mechanisms and recommending policy options and strategies for tackling negative impacts of HIV/AIDS

    Project Period (2003 - 2006)

    Current Status:Ongoing

    Countries Covered

    • In 2003: Case studies focusing on Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, and Zimbabwe
    • In 2004: Case studies focusing on Botswana, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia

          Contact Person and Address

            The Coordinator
                 P.O. Box 31971

            Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
            Tel: 251-11-1239484
            Fax: 251-



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