Exploring the links between migration and poverty through research, capacity building and policy engagement

About Migrating out of Poverty

Migrating out of Poverty Research Programme Consortium is funded by the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID). It focuses on the relationship between regional migration, internal migration and poverty and in Africa and Asia.

The goal of Migrating out of Poverty is to maximise the poverty reducing and developmental impacts of migration and minimise the costs and risks of migration for the poor. This includes generating new knowledge related to migration and poverty; creating new datasets and publications; engaging policymakers with key research outcomes on migration and poverty linkages. 

Migrating out of Poverty (from 2010 - 2017) worked in partnership with research institutions in Bangladesh, Ghana, Kenya, Singapore and South Africa. In 2017 we are shifting focus to Africa primarily. We continue to work with Ghana and South Africa, and are forging new partnerships in Ethiopia and Senegal. Watch this space for updates. 

Day to day coordination of the Migrating out of Poverty partners and research themes is undertaken by the Secretariat with an Executive Board that offers advice and commentary on steps within the research design and dissemination.

Migrating out of Poverty was built on the work of the former Development Research Centre on Migration, Globalisation and Poverty. 

About the Ethiopian Research

The research in Ethiopia will focus on three thematic area:

  1. Intra-household dynamics of migration, including youth aspirations; 
  2. Understanding the structure and functioning of the Migration Industry in Africa and along routes into Europe; and 
  3. Quantitative assessments of the drivers and impacts of migration on poverty (including counterfactual analysis).

The objective of the research is to investigate how changes in national and regional migration impact on international migration into Europe and the MENA region by:

  • Mapping major migratory pathways for migrants from poorer households, the steps they involve, and the risks and prospects for different migrants 
  • Examining how migration is facilitated or frustrated and how this varies with legal status, occupation, age, gender, and poverty level 
  • Exploring how micro- and meso-level choices and decisions at origin, in transit, or at staging posts during step migration, are shaped by policy, political conflict, legal status, economic circumstances and social/cultural factors 
  • Investigating the use of digital tools and mobile phones in the migration process, as a means of disseminating or sharing information to and among migrants, and as a means for migrants of staying connected with relatives and other social relations 

The Research Team Members:

  • Director - Truphena Mukuna
  • Migration Industry lead - Fekadu Adugna Tufa
  • Gender and Generation lead - Adamnesh Atnafu
  • Income and Remittances lead - Asmelash Tsegay
  • Communications and Research Uptake officer - Alemu Tesfaye ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For more information visit the project website at:Migrating out of Poverty Project Website


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