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OSSREA Seminar
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The Institute of Development Studies, University of Zimbabwe hosted an OSSREA seminar on the 15th of September, 1998 funded by the Organization for Social Science Research in Eastern and Southern Africa (OSSREA) - an Addis Ababa based Social Science Organisation.

      1.1. Seminar Co-ordinators, Secretarial Support Staff and Programme Timetable

The seminar was co-ordinated by Dr. Donald P. Chimanikire, Acting Director of the Institute of Development Studies and OSSREA Liaison Officer, Zimbabwe, Dr. Andries M. Rukobo, IDS research fellow and Mrs Anna C. Mupawaenda, Senior Assistant Registrar, IDS. Rapporteuring services were provided by Ms. Kwanele Ona Jirira, Chairperson, Department of Agrarian and Labour Studies. Ms. Patricia Moyo and Mr. Petros Masamba provided the secretarial and reprographic services. Participants were drawn from several university faculties, research institutes, government and non-government organizations (See attached list of seminar participants).

The morning session (8:30 to 12:30 a.m.) was chaired by Ms. Matiza of Development Innovations and Networks (IRED), standing in for Dr E. S. Pangeti, OSSREA Vice President. The tea break was from 10:00 to 10:30 a.m. The afternoon session (14:00 to 17:30 p.m.) was chaired by Dr. D. P. Chimanikire, Acting Director and Liaison Officer, OSSREA.

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