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 Policy Briefs

  • Community-Based Health Insurance Schemes: A Systematic Review
  • Shocks and Coping Strategies in Rural Ethiopia A Policy Brief

The FULL TEXT for both policy briefs is available at


 Other Publications


Z Yilma, Luuk van Kempenb, Thomas de Hoopb (2012) ‘A perverse ‘net’ effect? Health insurance and ex-ante moral hazard in Ghana’. Elsevier, Volume 75, Issue 1, Page 138-147.


 lancet Mebratie AD, R Sparrow, Z Yilma, D Abebaw, G Alemu, AS Bedi  (2013) ‘Impact of Ethiopian pilot community-based health insurance scheme on health-care utilisation: a household panel data analysis’. The Lancet, Volume 381, Page S92. doi:10.1016/S0140-6736(13)61346-X.



Yilma Z, AD Mebratie, R Sparrow, D Abebaw, M Dekker, G Alemu, and AS Bedi.  (2014) 'Coping with shocks in rural Ethiopia' ISS Working Paper 560.(Forthcoming in the Journal of Development Studies).


Mebratie AD, E van de Poel, Z Yilma, D Abebaw, G Alemu, AS Bedi (2014) ‘Health care seeking behavior in rural Ethiopia: Evidence from clinical vignettes’, BMJ Open, 4:e004020. doi:10.1136.


Mebratie A.D., R. Sparrow, Z. Yilma, G Alemu, AS, Bedi.(2013) ‘Enrolment in Ethiopia’s Community Based Health Insurance Scheme’ ISS Working Paper No. 578.


Mebratie AD, R Sparrow, and AS Bedi (2013) ‘Community-¬Based Health Insurance Schemes: A Systematic Review’ ISS Working Paper No. 578.


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The OSSREA 2011-2015 Strategic Plan is a blue print that guides the activities of the Secretariat and its National Chapters for the period 2011 to 2015. Download the PDF version and be informed about the planned intervention areas.

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OSSREA publishes and freely disseminates the status of all its current activities regarding research, capacity development, publication, dissemination, financial and administration in an annual report form. The annual reports are avialable for download in PDF format.

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